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Then my loneliness sinks in…

I am homesick…

But my home doesn’t feel like home.

I am lovesick…

But this love is so lonely sometimes.

My heart aches for someone who left a long time ago.

Sometimes I feel like its my fault he’s gone.

Everything is my fault these days.

I just wish I wasn’t alone tonight,

but for some reason I couldn’t stand to be around another person tonight.

Again my loneliness sinks in 

and I ache for this heart to be whole again.

sorry for the rambles.

sorry for the sadness.

thanks for listening.

i love you followers. stay golden.


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I must say the ass clown who runs one million moms is making bank off of ignorant bigots…

I’m sorry I’m not sorry, but One million moms also completely misrepresents motherhood. If you don’t want your children to act on some of the “crude” advertising out there in the world. TALK TO THEM. 

Also fuck you for being against samesex parents. 

Sincerely the girl with two amazing papas!

…waits for hate mail or to be unfollowed.

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My blog is mainly a personal/humor/photography/all things art/musings page. I am sorry if anyone is unhappy with any postings. If you are, suggestions are welcome. Mind they may not always be considered seeing how again its mainly a personal blog, I post what I want on here. If you are so upset about what is being posted. Approach me all you like about it. But the harassment of any of my other golden followers will not be tolerated. The posts from this recent incident have been deleted. I have a no bullying/harassment standard on here. My blog is an open, safe, and free space. I want all of my followers to feel welcome here. 

Please consider these things. I love you all, thanks for listening. 

All of my love!

Stay golden kids!


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 sir-laughsalot replied to your photo: Coconut Rum + Creme Soda + Brand New Sheets +…

this isn’t fb…

eveeli replied to your photo: Coconut Rum + Creme Soda + Brand New Sheets +…

Yeah, but this is her personal. So if she wants to post this then she can. It’s her blog dude.

^Um..What she said…I’m sorry you don’t like it…but not really. I post what I want. 

Plus I have no idea how it had anything to do with fb… but okay… lol

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